Summer 2018 Updates

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Summer 2018 Updates
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Hello Nuggets!

We’ve been rolling out some changes for a while, but we’ve yet to make an announcement so here ya go!

Just before we start, I’m warning you it’s going to be a long read. I will include a tl;dr at the end.

With the closure of the old, many aggregators are fighting over the audiences… Essentially pounding every scanlator source with bots and spiders. While we discourage external hosting of our works we do allow if they upload the LQ version. Unfortunately MangaRock still refuses to accept this fact, and many other small requests of scanlators. While they do have a fantastic layout and a wonderful mobile app, it’s still frustrating to see that they’re disrespecting their “source” of income. Therefore, we will be uploading the LQ version on our reader from now on. And the HQ version will be uploaded (to the same link) a few days later when their bot has already scrapped through our files. BUT! Not all is sad news for the reader, we’ve also decided to increase the quality to 1150px (width)! (It is currently 900px) We’re also going to upload all sleeves available to any series with translated summaries as well as content pages. These are still being updated slowly but we really hope to have everything updated on the reader by the start of July.

Less important reader news, we’re working on a new layout and we’re getting prepared to switch to FoolSlideX once it becomes available. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or features you’d like to see on the reader, please let us know below! We’ll try our very best to add it if we’re smart enough.

We’re also going to abolish the “You must be logged in to view chapters” policy. With the new LQ uploads on the reader we won’t need to filter visitors anymore (since it was ineffective anyway). But you still need to be logged in for downloads.

While we’re on the topic of releases, volume downloads are now available! They are usually 50 points each regardless of length, and they come with some type of bonus so keep an eye out!

And finally, we’re going to have a small fan-subbing division! We won’t be using very conventional means of subbing but we hope to bring accurately translated versions of adaptations from manga/manhua series we already translate. Please stay tuned for some of our releases.

And as USUAL, we are still very much recruiting!


  • Every release starting from April will be uploaded in LQ on the reader, and then updated with HQ when the aggregator bots have scrapped the LQ version.
  • HQ releases will be updated to 1150px in width. (currently 900px)
    • All sleeves, covers, contents page, and misc. pages will be translated and uploaded.
  • New possible update for reader is in the works, comment on features you’d like to see.
  • No need to be logged in to read manga anymore.
  • Bundle downloads now available for select series, more to come.
  • Small fansubbing work on the side releasing in sporadic periods.


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