"The damned shall be punished." Kirishima, an underworld escort who works for the [Prison] of Yama's Court, is tasked by Rokkaku to "Capture the deceased one." Under these instructions, Kirishima heads off to an abandoned school where ghost stories dwell...

Alice, a the leader of a popular idol group finds herself lost in a dark, evil, forest. There, she meets 'Heroines' who battle to the death for their 'Happily Ever After'. Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, what bloody tale will these girls tell...?

Men and women reverse roles in this courtesan battle fantasy! Yoshiwara, a world where men are forbidden from entering. Inside this world, all males must be eradicated. The exception being the "male-courtesans" who are enslaved there. But these men want their freedom, and the only way to obtain that would be a rebellion against Yoshiwara with an overwhelming force...!

Sangatsu Sumire is a high school girl with zero self confidence. She can’t bring herself to confess to her crush. One day, she meets the school’s most confident and arrogant guy, Nanami. Sumire decides instantly that she would become his apprentice and learn his arrogant ways!

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