"The damned shall be punished." Kirishima, an underworld escort who works for the [Prison] of Yama's Court, is tasked by Rokkaku to "Capture the deceased one." Under these instructions, Kirishima heads off to an abandoned school where ghost stories dwell...

Alice, a the leader of a popular idol group finds herself lost in a dark, evil, forest. There, she meets 'Heroines' who battle to the death for their 'Happily Ever After'. Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, what bloody tale will these girls tell...?

Staff Favourite

One day, a girl was kidnapped. However, that girl started to desire a life living with her captor, and swears that she will marry him. In return, her captor provides her with happiness that she had always longed for. How could a story between a girl and her captor be so heart warming?

Nitogi Amane and Utsuya Madoka became first met in middle school. But one tiny, yet fatal mistake ends up costing Amane more than just her seemingly innocent best friend...

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