The great snow-covered kingdom of Bistron, legend has it that an evil witch lives in the Black Forest at the edge of the kingdom… That very witch, Veronica finds herself summoned by the ruler of Bistron through his messenger of noble blood, Ignatz.

The country of Japan is being terrorized by the undead, known as Ghouls. Tachibana Kaguya makes it her life goal to protect her fellow citizens from these zombie-like creatures, just as her father did before her.

Unohana Coco is a perfectly normal high school student. Save for the fact that she can see the supernatural of course… One day, a pair of demon brothers suddenly appear before Coco’s eyes!! They’ve been searching for the human girl with legendary powers for more than a hundred years. Turns out, Coco is the true ‘Demon’s Bride’. Now she must choose between one of the brothers, a new Japanese-style fantasy begins!

Five years after the Tokugawa shogunate collapsed—- Kizou is the dour, mysanthropic owner of a used-good store. One night, out of the blue, the demon Koharu wanders into his house, having gotten separated from his group of wandering spirits. Koharu impudently assumes he can stay there for free, and Kizou unwillingly relents. The two of them wind up getting involved in the affairs of various spirits… A story of empathy among spirits during the Meiji era that will move you with kindness.

Mashiro has spent the last thirteen years of her life locked away in a room as she protects the gods that live in her hair, being slowly restored. However, when the door opens to the room and she stumbles outside, she finds that things are not how they seem, and the gods are unleashed.

Shoutaro is a man of few words. He manages an old book store called Mononobe Koshoten and has an admirable young boy named Shiro helping out in store as he spends his days reading. But behind this, Shoutaro has another job; the collection of some rather unpleasant old books...

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