A fantasy love story about a demon princess who falls in love with a human boy! In order to fulfil their contract from long ago, Giselle descends into the human realm to find her partner, a human boy, Shiina Ichiritsu. To get even a little bit closer to her love, Giselle transfer into the school Ichiritsu attends, an all boy’s boarding academy! However, Ichiritsu is no longer the boy she knew 6 years ago...

Tsukishiro Nina moves to Ruberia, a small country surrounded by the ocean and roses. But suddenly, she was bitten by a young Loup-Garou, a beast that is said to only exist in legends. Once bitten, Nina herself turned into one of them and was forced into "Abigaile" an academy prison on an island where all the beasts are exiled to. What cruel fate awaits the pitiful Nina...!?

The bride is a thief who's the biggest spender in town. Sports cars, luxury condos, you name it! How will she repay her husband who saved her life...?

The world’s most dangerous boy makes his debut! Our heroine, Taiga, transfers schools and meets a dangerous black panther boy, Anri. And unexpectedly, that Anri actually does ○○○…!? A risque manga not for the faint of heart! You have been warned ♡

Yamato Saki  was raised single-handedly by her mother who is absolutely obsessed with Xu Zhonglin's Fengshen Yanyi. (Investiture of the Gods) Although she's a normal high school girl for all intents and purposes, she is also tremendously strong. One day, as Saki was cleaning the storeroom, she stumbles upon a mysterious scroll, and wounds up in the mythical world of Fengshen Yanyi!

Mashiro has spent the last thirteen years of her life locked away in a room as she protects the gods that live in her hair, being slowly restored. However, when the door opens to the room and she stumbles outside, she finds that things are not how they seem, and the gods are unleashed.

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Sasakura Hacca, 14 years old. One day, when I got home, a strange creature named Ginger was standing there in a Kigurumi suit! It seems Hacca has been chosen to rise with her comrades as 'Guardians' to protect this world from the evil invaders of another dimension. BUT WAIT... The Kigurumi suited creatures suddenly transform into gorgeous male eye candies!? A heart-pounding, action packed, Kigurumi adventure begins!!!

Upon discovering she had an affinity for magic during a routine test, Rio was offered an admission to a school for magicians like herself. She arrives at the school, anxious about what is expected of her powers. And to her surprise, her first task is to nab herself a familiar before the entrance ceremony! How will Rio ever complete her task on time, and WHAT is this 'Love Curse' she was bestowed upon by the Witch of the West!?

Shino is a high school student transferring schools from Tokyo to Ibaraki. When he’s late for his first day at school he meets a beautiful girl, Sera Ichigo, standing in the shade. As the day goes on, he goes gets carried away and accidentally wounds up in the Astrology Club. There, he discovers that Ichigo is actually a member! The Astrology Club takes the stage, and Shino’s sparkling youth days begins!

An older brother with a bit of a sister complex, and a younger sister who has yet to experience her first love. A cool and lax older brother, and a little sister who's scared of romance. Brother and brother, sister and sister, these pairs of siblings are two pairs of best friends! The close-knit romantic story of their every day lives as childhood friends begins!

The Shinmoto Siblings who love themselves above all else; And the Satou Siblings who are shrouded in a cloud of mystery.  Sister and sister, brother and brother, these pairs of siblings are two pairs of best friends! The teen romantic comedy of their every day lives as childhood friends begins!

‘I COMMAND YOU TO FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!’ The ultimate mission for love starts now! Yukina is secretly the all time best selling cellphone novelist, Yupina. She’s in a tight spot because she’s never wrote any stories about love before. But for all her readers’ sake she’ll try her best to experience what true love is like. When she accidentally picks up the student council president, Kitami Shigure’s student handbook, she realizes who he really is under his mask and blackmails him into doing racey things with her. All for the sake of writing her novel.

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