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Official request thread series.

Comment below any series you’d like to suggest we pick up. We cannot guarantee that we will, but we can at least check it out. Please check if the series you want to request has already been reviewed in the boxes above.

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  1. Alex

    [REQUEST]Premarital Relationship
    I got hook to this Manhwa.The manhwa is completed there are 80 chapters total and 60 has already been translated.Unfortunately the translation group has already dropped this project.

    Synopsis: “Han sang-hyun” Is a boy that dreams to become a manhwaga, and one day he hears a story that falls like lightning from a clear sky. And that is that he had a fiance he never knew about. After not being able to win against his grandfather he goes to the meeting against his will. however the lady he meets there is a girl who feels to be a rich spoiled girl named “Yu Suh-eun”. after having a fight with a girl that acts negatively to him, he comes back to his house just to find out that Yu Suh-eun is in house!? What? The new house that the’ll be staying in is the “Marriage House”? Will han Sang-hyun and yu suh-eun break through their families plans to successfully get divorced!?

    Translated Chapters(60 Chapters)

    RAW Chapters
    Chinese Raw(COMPLETE FREE):

    Korean Raw
    [FREE] (not complete 73 chapters available):…97%B0%EC%95%A0
    [Need to Pay](official link):…e=10&curpage=1
    Please also Note I can Buy and Provide the raws if this will pick-up this

  2. Anon

    Hi! I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any chance that you guys could possibly translate Yukiru Sugisaki’s “Junkissa Neko” (a.k.a. “Coffee & Cat”)? For some strange reason, this is literally the only series by that author that no one has seemed to pay any attention to. 🙁 The very first chapter was translated SEVEN YEARS ago by a now-long-defunct tumblr group, but despite its fairly well-known author, nice art, and sheer adorableness, no one else ever picked it up past that, and I’m getting kinda desperate here, LOL… hope it can at least be considered! 🙂

    Links for info:

    1. Shiro

      I think it’s because Sugisaki is known for her habit of not finishing series, so people are hesitant to pick up anything that’s not marked as “completed” by her! But we love bishis and we love cats, so we’ll definitely take a look into it!

      1. Alex

        Hi Shiro
        I have a question I submitted a comment for a suggest/request
        but I didn’t saw it appear in the comment section?

  3. Sammani

    Hi there, your translations are very good, i have one request could you translate remaining volumes of (virgin na kankei r ) as it previous scantalator dropped it 6 years ago,i am very eager to read it & i am ready to buy it from you if you translate it.kindly consider it😀

    1. Shiro

      Hey Sammani, thank you for suggesting a series! Unfortunately, we’re not looking to translate and hentai at this moment, sorry!