Semi-Hiatus Announcement

We'll be back...One day

Semi-Hiatus Announcement
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Note: We’ve changed sites since this announcement, this is a backlog post for reference.

Hi Nuggets,

So with the holidays we’re here to bring you some sad news. No, we’re not going away, just taking (another) small break. I suppose it is inevitable, I simply cannot keep releasing manga on a regular basis with university/college applications closing around the corner, current courses, and job hunting. And I don’t want to keep going back on my word for scheduled releases. (Aoba-kun ni Kikitaikoto) Hopefully things will be less hectic once I get though the courses that give me the marks I need the most for my dream school. The courses (granted that I don’t need to take additional ones) will and sometime in early April of 2017, so I hope we can have more releases after then.

Don’t worry, we’ll still be making releases, not as frequent but we’re still aiming for once a month. We’re also planning something special for Valentines but with the current situation we don’t know if we can make it just yet.

If you’d like to help us speed up the process, you can join our team, we’re currently recruiting cleaners, redrawers and translators! Though I’d like to ask that you do not apply if you don’t have a massive amount of free time or patience. We’re not discriminating, but it wastes a considerable amount of our time and dedication if you decide to join and quit after 1 job. You can also hit us up on Discord if you’d like to know more before applying, I’m more than happy to answer questions~ Please say hello to let us know you’re here! If I’m not online when you join, you can put ‘@Steph#0222‘ anywhere in your message and I’ll see it in my notifications.


  • No, we’re not quitting
  • Admin has been assassinated by school work
  • No more weekly releases, striving for monthly ones
  • Looking for new slaves agents who are willing to commit
  • Tag @Steph#0222 on discord if you want to speak to the admin (me)
  • Will hopefully be revived by April/May 2017

Releases you can actually expect because they’re completed:

  • The Miniature Garden of Twindle (Ch 1) on Jan 01 2017

Releases that are almost done:

  • Aoba-kun ni Kikitaikoto (Ch 3) 20/30 pages done
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai (Ch 75) 3/36 pages done
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai (Ch 76) Hey look, someone cleaned them!
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