Recruiting for 2018

Recruiting in almost <b>ALL</b> positions!

Recruiting for 2018
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Hello Nuggets! It’s time we started for more Agents in 2018 so hence this post. Definitely a hobby I recommend if you’re looking for something new to try this year.

If that caught your attention already, I suggest you head on over to our recruit page and download the test(s) right away!

This time around we’re looking for core positions like translators and cleaners, however if that’s too intimidating there’s the prepper position. There’s limited spots but it’s the perfect point to start dabbling in Scanlation!

Below is a brief summary of each job + a rough number of spots available!

Prepper: 1-2 Spots

All you need to do is crop and rotate images fresh from the scanner to cut off any excess blank space and make sure the page looks straight. Depending on your operating space, you might also need to run a preset Photoshop action to level the pages.

Translator: 2 Spots (Chinese) 3+ Spots (Japanese)

I don’t think this position needs too much explaining… But definitely give it a go if you’re a student studying Japanese or Chinese!

Cleaner: 3+ Spots

Your job is to erase any Chinese or Japanese text from the manga/manhua pages provided. You’ll need patience, some hard disk space and photoshop!

Redrawer: 2+ Spots

Very similar to the cleaner position, but you’ll be patching up spots the cleaner left behind. This is for those who are more comfortable with spending time on tiny details!

Typesetter: N/A until 2 translators are recruited!

Hopefully that doesn’t intimidate you! If you’re not interested yourself please help us spread the word so we can revive from our hiatus!

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