The Miniature Garden of Twindle Characters

The Miniature Garden of Twindle

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The Miniature Garden of Twindle Characters

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A wizard who creates living dolls with his thread-like magic using, cloths, jewels, and flowers. He is searching for his older twin sister, Gizel.

A witch who can heal other by sewing their wounds with her thread-like magic. She disappeared without a trace after mending bodies from a major accident that took place at the Witches’ Parade.

A wizard who can control plants and uses his talents as a florist. He is Gilbert’s avid admirer as well as friend. Gilbert uses the flowers that Nicola grows to stuff his dolls. After Nicola was severely injured during the accident, his wounds were healed by Gizel.

He ‘elopes’ with Gizel.
The Zomzoms call him Papa Nicola.

A witch who can materialize the memories of objects she touches. She returns to the scene where Gizel was last seen to do some detective work. She states that she is a merely a Jane-of-all-trades who calls herself a detective while introducing herself to Gilbert. She is Nicola’s younger sister, and she is not very fond of her brother.

She and Nicola have matching gold, cartilage piercings.

Gilbert’s friend and coworker, their stands are beside each other. Vivi is noted by Gilbert to be a womanizer since he is seeing three ladies at once. Vivi, however, states that he is solely seeing them for the purpose of his research. He creates life-like dolls, although they only seem alive, and do move like Gilbert’s.

A witch with powers that can alter the shape of the landscape as she pleases. She uses her magic to sell miniature gardens. She notes that Gizel’s garden is the most interesting despite seeing many throughout her career.

A mysterious witch who always hangs around Elgard.

Beings that can be described as living dolls. Gizel created them with bits and pieces of the child victims from the accident. They are stuffed with Nicola’s flowers, and Nicola names them each after the species of flowers they were stuffed with. They have no memories from when they were alive. They call Gizel and Nicola, Mama Gizel and Papa Nicola respectively.


From left to right, Tithonia, Miltonia, Crepis, Gilia. They are named after flowers.
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