Aoba-kun ni Kikitaikoto Characters

Aoba-kun ni Kikitaikoto

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Aoba-kun ni Kikitaikoto Characters

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Mayo is a timid girl who has a crush on Aoba. She is very persistent when it comes to helping Aoba overcome his troubles, to the point where he finds her very annoying. Aoba and Mayo were classmates for a brief year back in middle school, but he doesn’t seem to remember her.

Mayo’s surname was Konishi when she and Aoba were in middle school, she now goes by the surname Sakurada since her parents divorced.
She confesses to Aoba by accident, thinking that he didn’t hear. Aoba politely rejects her at the end of volume 2.

A tall and popular boy on the Basketball team. He goes to the listening house to let out his troubles, and has been pestered by Mayo ever since. He does not remember the fact that he and Mayo were in the same school 2 years ago, and does not realize that Mayo works at both the listening house, and as one of the Basketball team’s managers.

Aoba pretends not to hear Mayo when she accidentally says her feelings out loud. He politely rejects her at the end of volume 2.

Despite rejecting Mayo, he is shown to be jealous when Nao gets too close to her.

A sleepyhead who’s also on the Basketball team, he is the same height as Aoba and they’re good friends. Although they never acknowledge the fact that they get along very well, even when everyone says so. He sits in front of Mayo.

Nao teams up with Mayo after he finds out that Aoba wants to quit the Basketball team.

A second year on the Basketball team. He is often the first to nitpick at others due to his insecurity about his height. He has the most stamina on the team.

He develops a crush on Mayo.

A 2nd year, as well as the captain of the Basketball team. He is a man of few words, unless it is related to Basketball. He is extra passionate about Basketball and many of the team member fear his reputation as a the Demonic Captain.

A charismatic 2nd year, he is the vice captain of the Basketball. Although he is generally nice to everyone, he can be very cold hearted.

He was mistaken as a girl showering in the boy’s locker room by the rest of the team during an extra chapter in volume 2.
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