55 Stolen Kisses Characters

Taking the Perfect Husband Home: With 55 Stolen Kisses

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55 Stolen Kisses Characters

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Qiao Anhao is an aspiring actress. She was generally quiet and shy throughout her high school and university days, and has lacked the courage to confess her feelings to Lu Jinnian for the last 13 years. She is currently pretending to trade sexual favours with Lu Jinnian for better roles after a drunken night’s mistake.

Spoiler for Marriage
Qiao Anhao marries Lu Jinnian while he is disguised as his half brother, Xu Jiamu after a car accident that has left him in a coma. He attends family gatherings and other public events as Xu Jiamu.

Often described as hyper and rowdy by Xu Jiamu, she is the older of the Qiao sisters and she is very close to Anhao. Anxia’s grades aren’t very good, and is noted to be in class 3 throughout high school. She studied in a university in Shanghai.

Spoiler for Anhao
It is presumed that Anhao and Anxia are in the same grade despite not being twins. Anhao and Anxia are actually cousins by blood (connected by their fathers) Anxia’s family adopted Anhao after her parents passed away.

Spoiler for Lu Jinnian
It is later revealed that Anxia has also been in love with Jinnian since high school, although he has turned her down on multiple occasions. She is also unaware that Xu Jiamu is in a coma.

A seemingly cold and indifferent male actor. He has won the Best Actor Award for 6 years in a row, and is well respected in the industry. His personality hasn’t changed much since his high school days.

Spoiler for Family
Lu Jinnian is Xu Jiamu’s older half brother, they were born in the same year. Although Jinnian is the older son, he is unable to inherit the Xu family name or fortune due to the fact that he is an illegitimate child. As a result, he is not acknowledged by any members of the Xu family, including his own father.
Spoiler for Jiamu
It is revealed that Xu Jiamu donated his stem cells to save Jinnian’s life when they were children. The condition Jinnian suffered from has not yet been revealed. However, Jinnian’s mother swore that Jinnian would never be allowed to inherit the Xu family name, company shares, or fortune in exchange for Jiamu’s stem cells.
Spoiler for Anhao
Jinnian volunteers to disguise himself as Jiamu to marry Anhao. When he was an aspiring actor, he spent most of his time improving himself so that he would become a man with status worthy of Anhao. Anhao is unaware of his feelings, and the events following his first award on her birthday.

A cheery and outgoing character. He is the heir to the Xu family as well as Lu Jinnian’s younger brother.

Spoiler for marriage
Originally, Jiamu was suppose to marry Anxia. But due to Anxia’s unwillingness and a misunderstanding, he becomes engaged to Anhao instead.

Spoiler for Lu Jinnian
Jiamu looks out for his brother a lot due to the fact that the Xu family does not acknowledge Jinnian as part of their family. He tries to lift Jinnan’s troubles by offering to let him use his credit card once in a while, but is turned down every time. Instead, he tries to treat him and the others whenever possible.
Spoiler for Accident
Jiamu falls into a coma following a car accident.
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