China has More to Offer than Bootlegs

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China has More to Offer than Bootlegs

We have good food too.

China has More to Offer than Bootlegs
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I never knew how challenging it was to read simplified Chinese until these past 2 days, god damn. But let’s welcome spring with a romantic manhua from China!

Some minor notes for clarification:

  1. This should be read from left to right.
  2. Ge is the Chinese version of ‘Onii-san’ or brother. It’s used to address your own brother, as well as an older male. 
    Spoiler for Clarification on Xu Jiamu’s last name
    Lu Jinnian and Xu Jiamu are half brothers from their father. Jiamu is the legitimate son of the Xu family, while Jinnian is not. Therefore Jinnian (presumably) took his mother’s last name.
  3. Qian Anhao, Qiao Anxia, Lu Jinnian, and Xu Jiamu are all presumed to be in the same grade. No, Anhao and Anxia are not twins.
  4. Chinese schools require students pursue a Liberal Arts or Science course, students are split into classes according to grades. Class 1 or A being the class with the highest scoring students. (Think Baka Test but without summons.) some schools in Japan, Hong Kong, and other asian countries also use this system.
  5. The cake in chapter 10 costs about $1800 USD. (Someone cut me a slice.)
  6. Hengdian (mentioned in chapter 11) is China’s hollywood. It is about a 2 hour drive from Hangzhou. University A is presumed to be located in Beijing. It takes about 13 hours by car, and 2 hours by plane from Beijing to Hangzhou.
  7. This is a weekly Chinese manhua published on comic QQ. It’s not evident in the early chapters but the studio that draws the manga sometimes split chapters into part 1, 2, and so forth. Since the ‘chapters’ are untitled, we are classifying each update on QQ with a cover page as a new chapter. Therefore you may notice numbering discrepancies if you follow the manhua on QQ. For example, what we call chapter 12, is split into chapter 12&13 on QQ.

Anyway, let’s start this colourful series off with the novel’s opening quote:


In the midst of loving each other with all of our hearts,
we forgot to say a simple “I love you”.

Click the ‘Chapters’ tab above to read/download chapters 1-12. Don’t forget to give it a good rating on your right if you liked it!

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  1. Thank you so much!I realy love this manga.

    • ‘Glad you like it~

  2. Hehe! I am so excited to read this I fell like I won a priz! I signed up just for this, but now that I see the other projects I’ll be picking up some other ones as well… but for right now THIS <3

    • Welcome to the club~

  3. This is such a good manga (sorry if it’s called something else, is it called manhua?) I really love it, thank you for such an amazing job. Just one question? is there a set release date for each chapter? like every 10 days, every week, every month? and thank you again for all of this hard work 🙂

    • ‘Glad you liked it!
      We were planning at least once a week, but from now till April 20th is exam season so we won’t be active sadly. We’ll see if we can release a few chapters once that’s over.

      • Senpai, i saw this on another Translators website, and maybe (I thought) you can implement somewhere on the home page so the earlier question above doesn’t loom around over everybody.

        I was think maybe you can implement another “Gauge” meter, like the Donations meter that has a visual meter of when any next chapter is about to be purchased. It’s like a “In progress…” meter.

        Again, it’s just an idea, so i don’t know if it’s completely viable, but just adding suggestions. — I would’ve made a mini-topic of what else suggestions, but the adding new forums are closed, soo… —


        • We had that function on the old site at some point, but it became too much of a hassle to update it for every series every time a step was created. Perhaps there might be a countdown to the next release on the home page some day. 🙂

  4. Nice art

  5. It’s like a typical Asian drama


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