Don’t forget to catch the Donghua

Taking the Perfect Husband Home: With 55 Stolen Kisses

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Don’t forget to catch the Donghua

I need season 2 ASAP

Don’t forget to catch the Donghua
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Hi Nuggets!

Just a PSA to let you know this train wreck of misunderstandings has a donghua (Chinese cartoon/anime) you can catch on QQ to further break your heart. Fair warning though, it ends with a cliffhanger and only has 12 episodes, each about 8 minutes in content after you subtract the opening and ending. The show ends around chapter 13-14 of the manhua, but I advise you to read from the beginning as there are several changes.

For those of you who don’t speak Chinese, GFearJ has been kindly subbing various donghuas including Taking the Perfect Husband Home, or Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia. Unfortunately the youtube version of this has been taken down due to copyright claims, but you can still watch it on 9anime.

Don’t forget to thank GFearJ for being awesome!
tumblr | YouTube

Watch the Donghua
Raw | Subbed

Let’s all cross our fingers for season 2, and perhaps a live-action! (which seem to be in the works)

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  1. how can they end it with a cliffhanger, they sure do know how to play this game..uugghhh..cross fingers for season 2

    • Season 2 is out, no subs yet tho. It’s up to episode 8 or 9 for S2

      • hello where can I watch season 2 raw? and perhaps read the manhua in chinese (i think they’re way ahead in chapters than the translated version so i might have ago at reading them because i can’t stand the suspense)? also I’m new to this manga/anime world and I can’t seem to read the chapter 20, you put out? thanks!

        • Hi Min! I just fixed the link for chapter 20, sorry about that. As for season 2, you can find it under the “Raw” link above. If you can read Chinese it’ll say “Season 2 | Episode 1” and so on. You do need a QQ account to view it I believe.

        • As for the Chinese version of the manhua, you can find it here: You’ll need a QQ account as well as some QQ points to read beyond chapter 20. I’m sure you’ll find some other sites with watermarks on them if you search around. But QQ is the official publisher so I hope you can support them 🙂

  2. UPDATE! Season 3 is airing this October <3

  3. Hi! Where can i watch season 2? Thank you! 😀

  4. Can’t access QQ in my country. Sobs. Not sure if using VPN will solve it 😭

  5. I saw a Spanish subbed of season 3 of Taking the perfect husband home.
    Here’s the link.
    If anyone finds the English dubbed of season 3 please attach the link here T_T


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