We're very sorry.

School is a lot tougher this semester,
and we will need more time to settle in.
There may not be any releases until February.

We hope to be back soon.
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Latest News

Features Request

Official request thread for site features.

Series Request

Official request thread series.


Your friendly neighbourhood Scanlator

Let’s get Spooky 🎃

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange…?

[ON-HOLD] Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Thank you for joining me on a short journey.

Rosen Blood – Hall of Sinners

Absolute beauty of a manga right here.


Sometimes… You can’t stop reading webtoons.

Duet of the Blue Sky

A colourful fantasy webtoon that needs some TLC!

September 2019 Update

A whole lotta new stuff

July 2019 Update

Some changes happening

Brother for Rent

A series perfect for those who enjoyed Hakuri’s One Room of Happiness.

Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Open your eyes to a Japanese urban fantasy.

May 2019 Update

The month of speed releases


Welp, here we are. Another revamp of our site, and hopefully the very last!